Below is a selection of friends that are definitely worth the visit.

Spildegården: maybe the best cider and apple juice in the world- www.spildegården.no

Honningcentral: everything about honey - www.honning.no

Tveitengarden: Sheepskins and honey equipment and best service! - https://www.facebook.com/tveitengaard/

Cafe ambrosia: The place in Wergeland to chill with coffee or something else, eat and buy honninghagen products direct. -https://www.facebook.com/cafeambrosia/

Rekoringen: mobile farmers market - https://www.facebook.com/groups/rekonorge/

Bergenske birøktelag: The Bergen beekeeper association - http://www.bergenske-birokterlag.no

Sotra birøkterlag: The Sotra beekeeper association - https://sotrabirøktarlag.no

Norsk birøkterlag: The Norwegian national beekeeper association - https://norbi.no

Livos: Natural paints that we used on bee hives and in cafe ambrosia - https://naturmaling.no/livos/

Microgrønt: microgreens! Tasty and organic - https://www.mikrogrønt.no/om-oss

Lygre Livsgard: organic certified goat cheese. Never liked goat cheese until I tasted this. - https://bondensmarked.no/produsent/lygre-livsgard-619

Bespoke Lifestyle: A South African that cranks up living a few notches - never had ribs in Europe that could match these. http://www.bespokelifestyle.no

Gourmet Grill Os: That South African has many talents - an another is making a unique coarse South African sausage—https://www.facebook.com/GourmetGrillBjornefjorden/

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